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See design through the eyes of your user. Attention Insight enables you to test visual elements, optimize your layout, test Call To Action. Iterate and improve your design faster. Visual attention heatmaps identify how your user's attention distributes in your page. Red areas indicate places were users looked the most. 
Test and optimize any design
Get insights how consumer visual attention distributes, fix visual attention errors and optimize user attention.
Which design performs better
Compare 2 different designs  in minutes and choose the one that captures consumers visual attention better.
Avoid visual attention errors
If they don’t see it they can’t react to it right? Make sure most important objects in your design are seen .
Eye tracking study in minutes
Don’t wait a month for eye tracking study results. Get insights after just a few minutes.
Brand and product visibility
Make sure your brand and product is seen all the time.
Easy choice
Between different design options
Shorter design process
Spot visual attention errors prepare argumentation for clients
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